we understand the important relationship between spaces and their occupants. Designing functional living spaces means creating environments in which everything has its place and each function.


Moduler Kitchen

Design every module of your kitchen to suit your needs, home, layout, style preferences, family size and even your cooking style!


Lighting Design & Automation

Lighting is an important aspect of design as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of a living space. Lighting fixtures that illuminate a room creates a safe and comfortable environment besides adding style to the interior d├ęcor.

How It Works

Stage I

Concept Design

  • Consult and explore the different design options for your space with our design team representative
  • Get a detailed quote with your selected themes and budget options Pay us 10% of the budget of your selected design
Stage II

Detail Design

  • Design team will prepare a 2D & 3D model of your design where you can select your favourite themes, colours, textures, materials, finishes - till the time the space looks like the one you'd like us to make for you.
Stage III

Off-Site Execution

  • Pay us 40% of the budget to move to the next stage of design execution
  • Site markup and manufacturing of high quality components begins. The site with workmen and project team is mobilized.
Stage IV


  • Furniture, furnishings and all decor items are discussed and selected with you
  • Pay us 50% of the budget at the time of furniture order
  • Get regular updates on the status of your space

About Us

ARCHONSPACE is a service provider for the built environment. From the design and construction of a building to its interior design fit-outs, and subsequently its operations and maintenance – all stages are professionally managed.


Guided by absolute commitment, customer focus, innovation and professional expertise gained over the years, Archonspace endeavors to emerge as one of the key players in real estate construction and development in India.


We strive to provide value for money to customer, by timely delivery of quality product at reasonable prices, through transparent and ethical policies and procedures,as a part of our commitment to the national mission of providing homes to millions of people.

Contact Us

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